Proteomics and archaeology

In November 2019, PTP invited project collaborator Dr Mike Buckley (University of Manchester) to host a special seminar on the potential applications of proteomics in Irish archaeology. The event took place in UCD, timed to coincide with Science Week (10-17 November), and was supported by the Archaeology and Heritage division of Transport Infrastructure Ireland. Collagen fingerprinting, and proteomics more generally, is one of the key methodological approaches employed by PTP to access information stored in the collagen of unburnt bone fragments and tooth enamel. This is especially important for archaeological bone assemblages from Ireland, where preservation levels can be very low and bone is quite degraded leaving few macroscopic or morphological features left to analyse.

Interest levels on the day were high, with Mike fielding a raft of questions from museum curators, TII project archaeologists, as well as post-ex managers from commercial archaeology companies and staff and graduate students from UCD. Thanks to all who attended!

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