New Year’s meeting in the Boyne

In late January 2020, PTP organised a short meeting and fieldtrip with Bristol team members Professor Richard Evershed and Lilly Olet. Lilly joined PTP in September 2019 with a PhD project that combines organic residue analysis of Middle-Late Neolithic pottery and radiocarbon dating. Neither Richard or Lilly had ever seen a passage tomb before, so it was high time to give them a proper introduction!

Project overviews and strategy meetings were slated for Day 1, but there was full day fieldtrip in county Meath planned for Day 2. The first stop was Fourknocks passage tomb, followed by a tour of the recently re-designed Brú na Bóinne WHS visitor centre and topped off by guided tours of Newgrange and Knowth passage tombs. A hugely memorable day was had by all, with VIP treatment from staff at the Brú na Bóinne WHS visitor centre. Special thanks also to Dr Neil Carlin from UCD School of Archaeology for being our designated driver/chauffeur for the day!

Lilly admiring the carved lintels inside Fourknocks passage tomb
UCD PhD Patricia Kenny, Richard, Jessica, Fabienne and Lilly in front of Newgrange
Neil pointing out the quartz spread in front of one the Newgrange satellite tombs

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