Art and archaeology collide

IMG_9655It’s always satisfying to share PTP research with new audiences and this July the project was drawn into the world of visual artist Liliane Puthod and her latest solo exhibition ‘How long after best before‘ at Pallas Projects/Studios in Dublin 8.

In this exhibition Liliane was questioning society’s relationship to temporality, immediacy and the standardisation of commodities. For Liliane, the exhibition space thus becomes a temporary archaeological site where different timescales are viewed simultaneously, yet within a particular space producing a specific social time. In this context, Liliane was very interested in how PTP was questioning the ‘where’ and ‘how’ people lived and how they sustained themselves in the past. Jessica was invited to give a public talk on PTP in the exhibition space, a fantastic opportunity for translation and knowledge exchange and to reflect on the project’s ultimate aims.


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